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Estate Planning From Our Law Firm in Richmond, Michigan


Estate planning can be a tedious and stressful process. The team at James V. Dubay works closely with you to not only make the process easier, but also ensure that your assets are handled and distributed precisely the way you want them to be. Our goal is to maximize your tax benefits while minimizing any intervention from the court.

Estate & Trust Administrations

When someone passes away without any pre-planning or a Trust, their estate is filed with the probate court. This is where we come in. Together we will discuss which assets need to be probated as well as put together a list of potential heirs and interested parties. Pleadings are then filed in court and the estate is opened. We take care of commencing the estate, the publication of notice to creditors, as well as the letters and documents sent to all interested parties, and we assist in the administration of the estate.

Powers of Attorney and Patient Advocates/Medical Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are documents used during your lifetime to appoint people to take care of your affairs if you are unable. Patient Advocate documents, or Medical Powers of Attorney, are often desired as they name people to make vital medical decisions if you are unable.

The Estate Planning Process

During your initial estate planning consultation we will discuss your wishes and present you with a number of viable options specific to your situation. In order to better serve you, we ask that you please provide us with a list of your real estate and other assets, your financial accounts (including any stocks or bonds), and the names of people you wish to handle your affairs upon your passing or disability, administration and distributions to heirs and beneficiaries.
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